What are Rhino buttons?

Rhino Buttons are switches designed to consistently work great. They are the perfect solution for switch users who need the best possible interface with all their devices. They are designed by a switch user who understands the need for a good quality product.

  • Extremely sensitive (70gf)
  • 3.5mm audio connecter
  • 6' long cord
  • M4 threaded insert
  • 3,000,000 click cycles


Rhino buttons were designed to drastically reduce the chance of sticking. Switches that stick can be scary, dangerous and frustrating. Rhino buttons are the best choice if you need a reliable switch that won't stick.

These buttons are warrantied for up to three months. If you are unhappy with the performance of your button we will replace it or give you a total refund for free.


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About the inventor

Jared Aronson was diagnosed with Duchennes Muscular distrophy at a very young age. DMD is a disease that slowly destroys muscle function throughout the body. Over the years Jared has lost most of his muscle strength but has always found creative ways to overcome his limitations.

He is mostly known as an artist having owned a teeshirt business for over 10 years. All of the many designs were drawn exclusively by Jared. At first they were drawn the old fashioned way, with pen and paper. Now without the use of his arms, all his art is done using his mouth and a custom computer mouse he built from scratch.

Rhino buttons were another device designed out of necessity. Being a switch user himself, he was disappointed with the design and functionality of the available buttons on the market. At first the switches would work great but, over a short amount of time the switches began to fail. They would start to stick which is very dangerous and a little scary when you rely on them for complete wheelchair control. They would need to be taken apart and cleaned often to try and reduce sticking. That would work but only as a temporary fix. After several experiences of out of control driving he knew a better solution needed to be found.

Jared started prototyping buttons using a 3d printer and his knowledge as an electronics tinkerer. For about two years he experimented with different designs and electronic components. The design needed to replicate the feather light sensitivity of the micro light switches without the sticking. They also needed to be compact and sleek looking. Many failed attempts lead to a product that Jared happy to stand behind. Rhino buttons are the best solution for a quality, nice looking switch that won't stick.

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